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I’m Hosting Turkey Day

How does one know when they are officially an “adult”? Here’s some of the criteria I used to think made one an adult:

  • Drinking Age – 21
  • College Graduate
  • Being Married
  • Holding a Steady Job
  • Owning a Home

I only recently found out that the above criteria is null & void. When you are finally an adult is when you host Thanksgiving.

JBB & I are hosting my family this year and for the first time since he was married, my brother & his family are coming (they are switching it up this year).

In addition to making sure the house is clean, I am also in charge of the Turkey. I think I am going to brine & roast for a Sarah twist.

I already made some decorations (and a giant mess in my dining room) with these Glitter Pumpkins. Basically, you get some pumpkins, cover them with Elmer’s glue & sprinkle with glitter. They were easy but messy. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a project with glue and glitter. I’ll probably do this never again.

glitter pumpkins


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