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Since I am going through RCIA at St. Thomas I thought I would try to post weekly about our topic.

This week, which is actually week 5 or 6, was about God. This has actually been one of the only topics where my Protestant knowledge didn’t try to counter-act what was being taught (the other topic being the Holy Trinity).

Sometimes I think my head gets in the way of my heart and my soul. I often forget how great and powerful God is and not in an, “I AM GREAT AND POWERFUL” (that’s God speaking) way but in a way in which I should really be in awe of and respect God for His will for my life.

One of the things brought up last night was how Jews do not write God’s name. In the Torah, there are actually 72 symbols used instead of the word God or Yahweh or Jehovah. In fact, they don’t even spell out Yahweh or Jehovah because the name is so Holy.

On the flip side of that, Abba, another name for God, literally means “Daddy”. Daddy is such a close word, one that represents a close relationship rather than the more formal “Father”.

It sometimes fathoms me that God can be all things to all people, if only they allow Him to. This is something I have struggled with for years – thinking that I know what is best for my life, my family, my marriage, etc. I think getting married really did a number on me. To be married, you really have to become self-less and think of what is best for you AND your spouse. How much easier it would be on Team Burns if we could allow God to have complete control and follow His will.

This weekend, I will go to my first “Catholic” event – a women’s retreat. Am I nervous? Yes, a little. I’m not sure I will know anyone there but I am excited because I will meet new people. I’ll try to give an update when I get back.


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