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There are tons of perks to being a teacher. The main being free State Fair of Texas tickets. Every year that JBB gets them, we put them in a special place on the fridge and anxiously await for the day our schedules will allow us to attend. This year we barely made it but this evening we came & conquered.

The only real reason we go to the State Fair is for the Fletcher’s Corny Dogs.


JBB wanted to look at the “Trucks, Trucks, Trucks, Trucks” – especially the new Chevy Silverados. This one had THREE cup holders – one for your Super Big Gulp, one fer yer spit cup and one fer yer coffee. Oh, this truck also cost $56,000 plus another $150,000 in gasoline.

Chevy Silverado

I really wanted this car, though. All the benefits of a Vespa with the look and feel of a mule.

Cowgirls Car

I think I figured out this year’s Christmas Card:

DCC Christmas Card

After looking at the “Trucks, Trucks, Trucks, Trucks”, we wandered upon the largest crowd we had seen yet at the fair. It was a Texas Lotto exhibit. After I took this picture, some State Troopers informed me that there was no photography:

Paul Adams Game Show

That’s the Paul Adams Game Show. Here is Paul’s jacket. JBB is going to order one from the Men’s Warehouse tomorrow for our black tie event at the Ritz-Carlton in November.

paul adam’s jacket

This is our #2 Reason for going to the Fair:cotton

We paid our respects at the Carat 2000. (Never Forget – Carat – 1999-2007 – Sarah’s cat).

Carat 2000

We saw a guy in what had to be an International Male shirt (in the green).

international male

JBB tried a Funnel Cake for the first time. His review: “eh, I could’ve bought a half-gallon of Blue Bell Homemade Ice Cream instead.”

Funnel Cake

On our way out we saw the Egyptian who discovered the X-Ray:


We’ll see you next year, Big Tex!


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The State Fair

Tonight JBB & I will finally make it out to the State Fair of Texas.

Here’s what I am most looking forward to:

2.jpg            bigtex123.jpg

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