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Kitchen & Tudors

A lot of you may have already seen our kitchen renovation pictures but for those who have not, I invite you to check them out here.

Last week was a pretty crazy week. Jon’s school is about to go through accreditation next week and so he was super busy with lesson plans & whatever else it is that teachers do.

I had a work event which I think was pretty successful. The money raised will go to provide scholarships to our daycare facility for children whose parents are low-income.

This weekend we just relaxed. It was really one of the first weekends in a long time where we were able to do so. On Friday, Jon went to a happy hour with his co-workers and I ventured to a movie alone. Yes, alone. I am not one to do many things alone. I like to get pedicures alone – occasionally, but that is about it. I knew, however, that Jon would not want to see the movie I was going to – Elizabeth: The Golden Age.


Ever since 1996 and my first trip overseas to London, I have had a weird fascination with The Tudors and the English royal family in general. It has always amazed me that these people really believe that God placed them on the throne. Add to that the opulence of court life and it makes for one interesting wikipedia entry.

I enjoyed the first installment about Elizabeth I with Cate Blanchet playing the virgin queen, but this one just didn’t cut it. Yes, the costumes were amazing but that was about it. The director tried to film through every odd angle possible – I almost got sea sick from the overhead swirls and the angles through ironwork, etc. I will admit that Clive Owen was nice looking. Oh, and this movie was not very historically accurate, either. The gentleman who played Philip II of Spain was pretty good, though.

Anyways, if you are into The Tudors, some great historical fiction to read would be Philippa Gregory’s books. I am almost through all of them, although they don’t have to be read in “order”.


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